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Anatomicals Face Care Face Mask Set

Anatomicals face mask kit chocolate and face cleansing



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Anatomicals Face Care Face Mask Set

Anatomicals Face Care Face Mask Set – Includes:

  • Anti-Stress Chocolate
  • Mattifying Anti-Grease
  • Deep Cleansing
Anatomicals Set Of Face Mask Sachets

Anatomicals Face Care Face Mask Set



Anatomicals Farewell The Pimplehell Face Mask - Anatomicals

‘They seek it here, they seek it there. those beauty lovers seek it everywhere. is it stores? is it on the line? that damned elusive pimplehell’




Anatomicals Mattifying Anti Grease Face Mask


‘Do you know why beauty school drop outs really drop out? Not because they don’t look like Sandra Dee, but because they don’t appreciate the beauty basics. Like how you should use a face mask once a week, particularly this face mask. Not only has it got groove, it’s got meaning to so many people with greasy skin’


Anatomicals Anti-Stress Chocolate Face Mask



You are no longer 4 years old, sticking your head in the cake mixing bowl but somehow your face is still covered in chocolate. No need to ask why. Our cocoa anti-stress mask will leave your skin calm, relaxed and radiant. In fact, you’ll look good enough to eat,think we’ll start with your lips’

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Weight 100 g

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