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The Posh Mama Complete Bundle

The Posh Mama
The Posh Mama anatomicals-you-don_t-need-meds-to-get-more-zeds-lavender-pillow-sprayhand-cream-anatomicalsanatomicals-phwoar-not-straw-avocado-wheatgerm-hair-mask-newanatomicals-seaweed-calming-face-maskenglands clean and pleasant handAnatomicals Smother Superior Nun Better Body Butteranatomicals-toning-cucumber-lettuce-face-mask


This is the perfect bundle is for the mama who is posher than the Queen and Lord Grantham. And you get to save €8, leaving you some extra cash to buy little Imogen and Cressida a Kale and Blueberry smoothie (yes we all know it’s quite rude to talk about money but we just had to share the smashing savings with you)

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