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Sleep Kit | Cruisin for a Snoozin | Anatomicals

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Anatomicals Crusin for a snoozin Pack

If your wakefulness is of a nervous disposition and it hates violence (even cartoon violence) of any kind, it might want to turn away now. BOFF! THWOGG! WHOCK! POW! SHWAP! BWOK! SOCK! BOMP! WHUMP! FA-THUDD! WHANG! BOP! the combination of the enclosed sleep balm and sleep mask are like the most ferocious fists known to boxing kind. lights out! seconds out. ZLOPP!!

cruisin for a snoozin sleep pack

Anatomicals Cruisin’ For A Snoozin’ kit

  •  Includes soothing sleep balm
  • Enriched with beeswax, lavender and lemon oils
  • Silk sleep mask with slogan design

Additional Information

Weight 50 g

1 sleep mask and 1 20 g balm